One of the main reason to go to Pakistan is its diversity; whether it human diversity or natural diversity. Pakistan has majestic peaks, ancient locations, languages, cultures and ingredients.

Natural wonders:

Places and natural wonders, the whole thing from peaks, ranging from world’s second and ninth highest mountains to marshlands. We have the sector's biggest mountain face (Nanga Parbat), the second largest salt mines (Khewra Salt Mine) and lots of ancient temples, forts and different historical places. The highest international highway in the world (Karakorum Highway) crisscrossed three of the world's greatest ranges that chains to form the larger Himalayas. There are alpine lakes with splendid fables related to them (Lake Saiful Muluk) and remnants of ancient megacities (Mohenjo-daro).

Beliefs & Practices:

One can discover various belief and practices of faiths in Pakistan. The shrines of Sufis saints throughout the country is a completely unique depiction of ideals/practices. You will additionally discover large Christian community with a number of church in most cities. Even though smaller in range, there are nevertheless many Hindus and Sikh with temples and gurdwaras.

Languages and Culture:

Right here you will discover rituals that revere crocodiles, accomplished by means of people descended from the Bantu races of Southeast Africa (Siddi) and mountain tribes that also exercise shaman ideals, inherited all the way from ancient Greece (Kalashi people). Every year at Shandoor top, the world’s highest polo floor, polo festival takes place. There are over a dozen major languages spoken here, belonging to various language groups and over 3 times as many minor ones.

Food and beverages:

Beverages include a wide variety of fruit juices, lassi and most importantly tea. There is also a developing culture of coffee stores in most cities/towns. This vicinity is thought for its overly highly spiced food which is close to Indian cuisine. However many regions (along with the north and west) have palates influenced by Central Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Some international food chain are also available where non-spicy tastes are available.

Peaceful & Hospitable People:

Yes, Pakistani people are peaceful, friendly and hospitable. There is a perception that Pakistan is not a peaceful country because of the unfortunate political and other international eventualities/event prevalence. However people who goes to Pakistan as visitor are overtly expressing that they're leaving the country with a wonderful impression. People as per their affordability are very hospitable and that they do no longer take a minute to provide ‘chai/tea’ or any traditional food to traveller, as that is part of the deep rooted tradition, exists in Pakistan.