The Northern areas of Pakistan comprises of the high rugged mountain terrain in the globe.hunting-tour-1 Situated on the meeting factor of the three best mountain ranges of the world (The Himalayas, the Hindu Kush and the Karakorams). Nestled between Afghanistan, China, Ladakh and India that is the mountain region in the world. With over 460 mountains higher than 6000m, and five of the world’s fourteen highest peaks, this rugged place gives a sanctuary to some of the rare and most prized species of flora and fauna. There are numerous species of ibex discovered throughout this significant mountain region. With the strict control on searching some of them achieving extraordinary sizes presenting worthwhile trophies to the daring hunters. Any hunting trip in this inaccessible area needs careful planning. A number of permits from the federal and local authorities, special import and re-export licenses for the firearms as well as permits as required. These often take several weeks to process and must be obtained earlier before the hunter’s arrival. Skilled mountain guides, hunting scouts, cooks and bearers accompany theSONY DSC excursion to ensure a clean and green operation in addition to maximum consolation of the hunters even inside the most far flung places. From the bottom camp scouts and mountain guides should help the hunters in making plans for hunting and establish advance camps toward the ibex habitat from wherein scouting and stalking of the trophy animals is executed. Ibex hunting is a challenging task and due to the ruggedness of the terrain and remoteness of this location, hunters should be in top form. The hunt organizers must know that there altogether twenty permits are issued each 12 months for the whole Northern Pakistan. The organizers have to contact us properly earlier with details of the party in order that the desired wide variety of permits will be received in advance. Regarding the Ibex hunting details, hunting permission and permit cost, we are there to guide you!