The Kalash people have a strong identity sense and therefore they organize traditional/cultural events all around the chilimjushtyear. The festive event i.e. Chilimjusht or Joshi is celebrated in May each year, to welcome the approaching spring. During the festival people wear new garments, girls closely accessorize, whilst the ladies dance and sing. Houses are decorated and even the new-born toddlers and their mothers are purified in this carnival. Concisely, it’s worth attending event, at least once in your life.


Utchal is a summer time celebration which takes place in Kalash valley from 18th to 21st August to mark the harvest of wheat and barley and is an occasion filled with laughter, joy, singing, dancing and not to forget about feasting! Another Pakistani cultural competition you might not want to miss experiencing.

Shandur Polo festival:

One of the well-known galas of Pakistan is a Shandur Polo festival, organized from 7th-10th July on top of Shandur pass that is round 3700meters above the sea level. The event marks competition between the groups of Gilgit and Chitral, who face off in a polo match, where thousands of people come to witness these match with joy. Few other attractions encompass folk song, folks dance, mountaineering, hiking trekking and trout fishing. Come round to experience a festival surrounded by the extraordinary view of the snow-laden mountains, alpine flora, and crystal like lakes and stretched green grass.


Chowmas is a festival, takes place in Kalash Valley near Chitral during winter time. This is meant for welcoming the winter season and the first snow fall.korakaram-car-rally The festivities usually remained indoors due to the severe cold weather.

Karakoram Car Rally:

The Karakoram car rally (organized on annual basis) is one of the most exciting galas of Pakistan which turned into initiated a good way to project the northern regions of Pakistan and the Karakoram Highway (8th wonder of the world).

Navroz Festival:

Navroz is an occasion of joy for Ithna Asheri, school of thought of Islam. Its roots are referred to Iran and also people who belong to the Parsi community are also celebrating this event with festivity. This festival acknowledges the newness of a nature at the start of spring, every year.

Lok Mela:

Lok Mela (National folk festival) is one of the most awaited festivals of Pakistan. This event is organized throughout, where artisans and performers from within and outside the country attend it.

National Horse & Cattle Show:

This specific show takes place in Punjab, Lahore. Horse and farm animals display is held at Fortress Stadium, in the beginning of November and keep going for 5 consecutive days. The display bringssindh-horse-cattle-show together the breeders of these horses and farm animals from all over Pakistan. The event is likewise marked with livestock, folk music, races/dances and folk games. The national horse and cattle display, articulate the expression of Pakistan’s history and culture.

Mela Chiraghan:

The festival of Chiraghan (festival of light)) is one of the main events which takes area in Shalimar lawn, Lahore. Mela Chiraghan is likewise one of the galas of Pakistan and must no longer to be overlooked, while it is arranged in March for three consecutive days, each year. This unique festival is widely known to mark the event of Punjabi Sufi poet Shah Hussain. Thousands of people are attending this event all over from Pakistan despite which religion or school of thought, they belong to, and are there to enjoy one of the most colourful and joyful event.

Sibi Festival:

The arrival of the event took place in the 15th century Balochistan tribes, determined to have a collective cultural event on annual basis. From that, this is a continuous gesture and the event is taking place on annual basis. However, today the Sibi festival not only to support the discussions of the tribes but to expand camel, horse and farm animals breeding, sibias well as promote handicrafts. The event additionally holds numerous tournaments and exhibitions. The Sibi mela takes place for nearly a week in the mid-February (spring season).


Jashan-e-Larkana is organized in the last week of February, each year in Sindh province. It’s a 3-day festival in which distinctive competitions are held and conventional sports activities like kabaddi are performed along with trade fair/stalls. Sindhi handicrafts and traditional attire and jewellery are also sold. Jashan-e-Shikarpur. This festival is organized in February, each year in Shikarpur district of Sindh province. The event represents a lifestyle, culture/tradition of the area and is normally marked with a traditional handicraft, exhibitions and sports competition along with folk song and dances.


Basant, additionally referred to as the kite flying festival is a worth attending event, usually takes place in the month of February in Lahore. People gathered at top of the roof for kiting. This also gives the opportunity to people to have fun. This has been recognized internationally and has been attended by many foreign tourists, every year.