Pakistan is a land of an enriched culture embedded, diverse history and practices Pakistani cultures have a

significantly affect by the various surrounding nations' cultures, like Persian, Afghan, and Indians of South Asia, Middle East and Central Asia. Pakistan has a cultural and ethnic history referring back to the Indus Valley Civilization, which existed from 2800–

1800 B.C., and turned into exquisite for its ordered towns, advanced sanitation, outstanding roads, and uniquely structured society. Pakistan has been invaded in many instances in the past, and has been occupied and settled by using many distinctive peoples, every of whom have left their imprint on people of Pakistan. Some of the biggest groups were the 'Aryans', , Turks, Mongols, Afghans, Greeks, Scythians, Persians, White Huns, Arabs, Buddhists as we as British, who left the country in late 1940. The cultural distinctions of Pakistan is amazing and diversified, based on ethnicity, food and religion. Their cultural

origins are influenced by Tibetan, Nepalese, India and Afghani traditions. The Cultural Heritage of Pakistan is spread over hundreds of years, starting from pre-historic times to the present day and which may be summarized as Indus Civilization period, Gandhara Civilization, Islamic period, British period and Post-independence period. Pakistan was the first region of South Asia to

have great influence of Islamic culture, history and architecture which is evident from the tombs, mosques, shrines, temples and other state-of-the-art structures with Islamic theme depictions.

We offers cultural/heritage tour to:

  • Cultural tour to Ghandhara Texila, Peshawar Pakistan
  • Cultural tour to Lahore city, Pakistan
  • Heritage historical tour trip to Lahore, Punjab
  • Cultural tour to Baltit Fort, Hunza
  • Heritage tour to Baltit Fort, Hunza
  • Heritage historical tour trip to Swat Museum Takht-e-Bhai
  • Cultural tour to Baltistan
  • Silk route cultural tour
  • Indus civilization
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