Pakistan is a vacation spot of soft and extreme adventure excursions. There are many exciting options for adventure & thrill seekers here. At Rove-Pakistan, we handle numerous types of adventure tours. We have links with equipment rental service and jeep providers. Our guides are from the local villages/regions and they know the areas very well.

We are one of the tour-operator in Pakistan who are versed with both South & North Pakistan. We can cater for adventure in the Karakorum, Himalayas and Hindukush Mountains and from Arabian Sea to the Southern Deserts of Thar & Cholistan. We organize Jeep Safaris, camel safaris and trekking.

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Pakistan is the land of wide and diversified ecosystems, unique geographical and climatic conditions. From deserts to lush green rangelands to forest and sand dunes…it’s all here in Pakistan!

Rove Pakistan offers a spread of Jeep safari tours in the high areas and a chance for the nature fans in Pakistan to explore the natural beauty/diversity of the country and observe and enjoy the natural landscape, outstanding scenery, majestic and amazing places, natural flora and fauna in their natural conditions through our offered tours. With the sense of adventure but not willing for long walks, Jeep Safaris provide unforgettable vacation indeed.

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You can enjoy camel Safari in the South of Punjab, in the mysterious and giant desert of Cholistan. It’s not only the sand dunes but one can enjoy the treasure of historical and archaeological sites, forts and old nomadic tribes with their district culture, food and living style. The way to explore the area through Camel safari adventure is fly or go by-road to Multan and then drive to Bahawalpur, further to Cholistan desert, where you can see Derawar Fort and tombs of rulers and the nomadic livings.

Hunza Valley Adventure Tours

The Hunza Valley is a beautiful mountainous valley of Gilgit-Baltistan. The valley is situated to the north of the Hunza River, at 2,500 metres. The Hunza region is about 7,900 square kilometres (3,100 sq mi). hunza-valley-adventure-tour-1Aliabad is the main and Karimabad is the tourist destination because of the outstanding scenery of the surrounding mountains like Ghenta Peak, Hunza Peak, Passu, Ultar Sar, Rakaposhi, Peak, Diran Peak, Bublimotin (Ladyfinger Peak) and Bojahagur Duanasir II, all 6,000 metres or higher. The local language of Hunza includes Burushaski, Wakhi and Shina. The literacy rate of the Hunza valley is above 80%. Hunza people life style is simple and they are considered to be very warm and welcoming. There are two exceptionally acclaimed seasons to visit this valley, the spring season, when organic product trees emit in white bloom and in pre-winter (autumn), when the leaves of the trees get yellow and ruddy, looks extremely wonderful with fall shades. The appropriate period to visit to this mountain valley is start of April to end of October. Hunza is linked from Islamabad (capital of the nation) by road and via by air to Gilgit. Further a drive to Hunza valley will take 2-3 hours on the Karakorum Highway. Alternatively you may come from China (Tashkurgan-Kashgar) through the Khunjerab.