Hey students, do you want or required to experience flora, fauna, Wildlife Safaris, study-tour-1social and community tours or any other related work/tour, do contact us, we are specialized in organizing such adventure trips/excursions! Thorough the Academic/study tours or excursions, our aim is to provide a thorough school holiday trips to faculty and students with hassle-free and fair price tour/excursion. We opt for and deal with school and college groups with personalized itineraries and quality services. Our objective of such trips is to equip teachers and students with information/knowledge of the culture, geography, customs, history, nature and way of living of diverse ethnic groups, living in different part of Pakistan. It is experienced that through such activities, tolerance, absorption, pluralism, physical and mental toughness are enhanced, which is high need of the time for peace, development and prosperity. Besides fulfilling the student’s/teacher’s needs, there is an inevitable point of consideration i.e. to make all trips eco-friendly and to avoid environmental implication, as much as possible.